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Why I love newspapers

Yesterday I was reminded why I enjoy working as a newspaper reporter.

A call came into the newsroom from a woman asking the editor if he would be willing to send someone to take a picture of a snowman her family built.

It wasn’t just any snowman, she told the editor, and it was 15 feet tall. I was sent because our photographer was busy.

The house is in Lorain, in a part of town known for crime.  A woman once called in and told me she had been keeping a log of all the arson cases and drug activity on her block.

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Yearning for the last vestiges of the 20th Century

A stack of 24 brand-new 2013 Cleveland yellow pages were delivered to my apartment building and I was the only person to open the package to take one.

After three days they are still sitting in the lobby untouched besides the one I took.

Apparently our search engine world no longer has use for an informational guide of local businesses and people.

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A video that will change your life – maybe there’s some truth to it

The video shows various people engaged in acts of random kindness.

It starts with a man chasing away teenagers who are spray-painting a wall and a kid getting pushed to the floor of a school hallway by a bully, all while another kid watches.

The kid watching helps the bullied kid off the floor by extending a helping hand. Then it shows a chain of people engaged in helping strangers and the effects of paying it forward.

By then end all the people in the video come together to cover up the graffiti on the wall the kids were spray-painting in the beginning.

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