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Words can’t describe what I want to say, or answer the questions I have

What a sad, sad time we are living in.

I cannot even put into words some of the thoughts I’ve been having regarding the most recent school shooting.

I’m not sure I want to put anything into words, or that I even can, because I honestly cannot begin to imagine what the people in Newtown, Connecticut must be going through.

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Where do our interests lie?

It’s been a couple months since I’ve provided news commentary in any fashion.

Various obstacles have prevented me from keeping abreast of the latest absurdities and spin disguised as news, but today I decided to start reading the headlines again.

I happened across a facebook thread devoted to whether or not pop star Psy was wrong in singing about killing Americans in 2004.

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Guess you can’t take a stroll with a rocket launcher

Remember the good ‘ol days when a person could just walk down the street with a rocket launcher, film the spectacle and not have to worry about being charged with “false impression of a terrorist act”?

According to the Associated Press a Phoenix man is facing such charges after he dressed his nephew in a white sheet and had him march down the street with a rocket launcher while he filmed the boy.

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