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    1. longshotist

      We were discussing what to expect post-graduation and our professor implored us to develop a blog, keep writing and putting ourselves out there. He cited your work as an example of someone who did just that and found success in seguing into writing professionally.

  1. Kalola

    Greetings and Aloha Jon..
    I’ll give this blog a ‘try’ but if it becomes to Liberal for my taste I’ll unsubscribe quickly..
    I am an American who loves my country and right now we need a healing…in order to grow and prosper…I was a ‘Buckeye’ longer than you have been in this world, I’m sure…now happily RETIRED living in rural America, where mountains touch rivers..I’ve been given two wonderful kids, both now adults and proud Americans..life is good and growing OLD is not fun, but I’ve been told it doesn’t last long so that is something GOOD…
    wishing you fun, safe travels..and will be watching you…

  2. Steve Parker

    This is an awesome for those of us to keep in touch with you and lovely wife. I’m proud to call both of you my friend and looking forward to read your blogs and journey y’all have chosen together. Great day so far you have done with writing sir. Even caught me walking out of the library of our hometown to ask me what I like most about fall. Again sir looking forward to hear about this wonderful journey.

  3. Cindy

    I am so looking forward to this. We all miss you both-but are excited for you at the same time.

    Keep it coming!

  4. lexie

    I’m really excited to read this… Knowing you and cassie, it’s gonna be good. I have to get my dose of you guys somehow.


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