Untied we fall

Alas there is no more to say,

Nothing is shocking in this day in age.

A rampage, a murder, a rape and a bomb,

We’ve heard it all before, we sing it in song.

When violence occurs we all shake our heads,

But it’s an abstract thought when we reach our beds.

There’s no time for thought, so we share Internet prayer,

Creating the impression that we actually care.

Then come the tweets, the texts, and the rage,

The blame is passed round and set loose from the cage.

It’s the president’s fault, the liberals and queers,

People will remark while chugging their beers.

Others will say it is the fault of the Christian right,

They’re sending us backwards with all of their might.

Some worry about guns, others long for the past,

But did it exist? Have we run out of gas?

We sit idle and watch it progress,

And over entertainment we’ll continue to obsess.

For reality is too hard to look in the eye,

It’s easier to gorge on the American pie.

But the real pie is only being eaten by a few,

The rest of us are fed nostalgic stew.

For if we were to admit that the bastards are winning,

We’d have to admit that we’ve all been sinning.

As we carry on worried of me and I,

More crimes are committed and more people die.

People are homeless and many don’t have jobs,

While the system spends money on fat, lazy slobs.

Mothers are busy looking down at a screen,

While their children become hardened, distant and mean.

What’s the world come to when you can’t have a race,

Without worrying about a bomb going off in your face?

Should we be surprised that it’s all reached our shores?

Haven’t we thrived on war since the days of yore?

Of course not! It’s easier to gobble pills and point fingers of blame,

Than to admit we’re all part of the same lousy game.

The wizard’s conditioned us to boast of our might,

While he robs us blind, plundering both day and night.

Why do we let it happen instead of uniting?

Because he wants us divided, he wants us fighting.

He’s divided us into gay, straight, left and right,

Red, yellow and brown, pink, black and white.

We’ve all become experts sharing concocted answers,

To this slow decline, this slow moving cancer.

So in the name of hypocrisy I’ll offer you mine,

It’s nothing more than how I feel at this time.

Say hello to your neighbors and put down your phones,

Spend some time with that person you know is alone.

Talk to one another and hear different perspectives,

Don’t settle on one, don’t be so selective.

Take some time to get out of the bubble,

Consider the world and all of its troubles.

The answers we seek won’t come from above,

For it’s always been here and it’s simply called love.

10 thoughts on “Untied we fall

  1. Anonymous

    Whats to say! You found some words and you made them rhyme. The people who pray on facebook do care. Maybe not all but who are you to judge. If you think its so bad here,you know the rest. You seem like your capitalizing on this tragedy to spew out your frustation with the way things are going in this country. You have that right but you dont speak for me!

  2. Casandra

    I second WOW! It felt good to read something like this on a day like today. Thank you Jon!

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